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                                      LEADERSHIP IN ACTION
Career Image~Consultants (cIc) is committed to educating oriented professionals and business leaders for a new era and helping individuals and companies grow from good to great by meeting our clients needs and being the preeminent  and leadership development  firm for small emerging growth companies to Fortune 100 and 500 clients. 
Organizations investing more than their competitors in traning
and innovative tend to out-perform their competitors.
provides Workplace Learning and Performance services
to enable individuals and organizations to elevate and increase
                                  their organizational productivity in three special

                                                         - Skills Management 
                                                         - Leadership Development
                                                         - Organizational Performance 
cIc is not a typical training and development company.  Unlike traditional and human
resource development practioners and organizations who merely focus on providing
individuals with the knowledge or skills they need  to refine their performance to meet current organization working conditions and career 
growth, DON'T "LINK"  poor
and unsatisfactory work performance to organization success and profitability.
cIc strategic vision is to assist individuals and organizations link workplace learning (human performance) and performance (individual and organizational) needs which create positive progressive change within an organization by balancing soft-skills,
technical, and leadership competencies. cIc training topics and services not only provide proven strategies for bringing about positive change in the management and leadership of employees without destroying working relationships, but also, combining the talents of organizational members from various disciplines to improve human performance.
Leadership is often the missing element in transforming a good organization into a great one.  Specializing in "Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders… in the 21Century", cIc works as strategic partners with business leaders and provide interactive powerful seminars, workshops and to organizations chief executives, directors, managers, supervisors, and employees in the corporate, public, and government entities with emphasis on managing professionalism, understanding diversity management, communicating across culture lines, building and maintaining positive relationships to assist organization in meeting their mission and being successful.
"The most significant difference between the
middle class and the world class is how
they think. If you upgrade how you think,
you will get the results you’re looking for"
Steve Siebold
Mental Toughness
We have over 75 cumulative years of government service assisting organizations in getting the maximum performance level from their employees.  We also understand the increasing demographics in the workplace and customer diversity across age, gender, racial, and ethnic lines...along with business globalization and virtual offices, have only heightened the need for strengthening leadership competencies for organizations to be most efficient in the 21st century.  Our world-class training is evident of the force that drives our commitment to helping organizations improve performance and helping people become better managers and leaders.
Career Image~Consultants maintains a network of Workplace Learning and Performance subject matter experts who are well-schooled in all areas of leadership and management development, allowing for flexibility and creativity in designing seminars and workshops that meet the clients specific leadership needs.  This includes not only addressing the most relevant leadership and management topics for each particular client but, more importantly, ensuring that they are customized for the proper level: individual performers, supervisors, managers, executives, and senior executives.
Your Return on Investment, is a Business Priority...
             ~ Reduce Cost, Maximize Profits, Pitfalls to Avoid
                 ~ Increased Performance and Productivity
                 ~ Building Relationships-Increased Retention
                 ~ Strategies for Long Term Success                
                 ~ Making Business Decisions through Diversity Consciousness
                 ~ Become the Employer of Choice
We look forward to working closely with your organization to fulfill your organizational training and development needs and welcome the opportunity to provide you "Five-Star” quality service.
Ajaye' Carter
A well known dynamic motivational speaker and recognized influential
senior advisor on effective leadership, negotiations, organizational culture,
and sustained superior performance.
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Distinguished Clients:
Bank of America
Norfolk Naval Base
Dallas Bar Association
Department of Treasury
Department of the Army
Patrick Air Force Base
Boys & Girls Club of America       
US Army Corps of Engineers
Alcohol, Tobacco & Fire Arms
Department of Juvenile Justice
Department of Veterans Affairs
General Services Administration
Big Brothers/Sisters of America
Dallas Independent School District          
Los Angeles Unified School District
Camp Washington Correction Facility
Dallas Associations of Young Lawyers
Department of Health & Human Services
Jack & Jill of America-Southwest Chapter
Air Force National Guard-136th Construction Engineering Squadron
Federally Employed Women Dallas Chapter-Regional Training Program
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